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Follow the Sun teaches new ways to solve problems, become more effective, and enjoy every minute of work and life.



Holistic Consulting—Because Everything is Connected...

Welcome to Follow the Sun. As a transformational consulting agency, we work with forward-thinking organizations to dramatically improve their processes, engage their teams, and change the world.

What Can You Accomplish in a Single Day?

How about cutting nonproductive activities by 30% or more for your whole team?

That’s just the start of what can be achieved in a one-day workshop on process optimization. By the time the sun goes down, your organization will have a whole new outlook. Learn about our process.

Erica is an insightful, process-oriented leader and mentor. She puts great thought and care into her work—pulling from a wide range of expertise to catalyze change within a person or organization. Her passion for, and commitment to, helping people and the planet is evident in her holistic approach. I can’t recommend Erica enough!
— Ashley McCormack, Manager, US Public Affairs, McDonald's Corporation


Follow the Sun works with visionary business leaders to create sustainable and measurable improvement. We help companies and their employees become more grounded—and remarkably effective at fulfilling their purpose.

Learn how to bring balance to your business.



Passion and purpose must be supported by smart processes to keep your organization on track. Follow the Sun sparks new ways of thinking, improves funding, and brings team members together for exponential impact.

Explore bright ideas to become even more effective.



Your life is an adventure waiting to happen. Make the changes now that will open up new horizons. Follow the Sun offers whole life coaching that matches the needs of your unique biology and provides expert guidance for the journey ahead.

Find out if this process is the perfect fit for you.