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Learn about our organization, meet Founder Erica Stanulis, and discover the vision and mission that give purpose to Follow the Sun.



Hi, I’m Erica Medina Stanulis. As a lifelong adventurer, I love understanding and improving processes. There’s no challenge too complex for me to tackle. I believe we are living in an enormously exciting time of transformation, and each one of us can play a part in reshaping the world. When we work together, our impact is even greater!


My Background and Perspective

I have experience solving problems across a wide range of industries from manufacturing and biotech to HR, real estate, and more. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my corporate career as a leader in business process excellence and social responsibility. Incorporating the wisdom traditions of non-Western cultures has added depth to what I offer and helps me provide even more value to forward-thinking organizations.


Why I Do What I Do

I’ve been fortunate to travel the world and enjoy its beauty firsthand. That means I’ve also seen the result of tourist pollution. For example, I encountered recyclable plastic bottles littered everywhere—even though we have the technology available to filter and sterilize water effectively. This experience became an inspiration to shift my career toward global solutions for the preservation of our environment.

Fortunately, the natural world around us is a great teacher. It provides a limitless source of ideas for ingenious ways to solve problems at any scale. In my consulting practice, I choose to work with organizations that are open to fresh ideas and that understand the power of linking work activities to a greater purpose.



Follow the Sun is a transformational consulting agency that specializes in improving health, efficiency, and sustainability. We integrate Lean methodology, Ayurvedic wisdom, and the ingenuity of Nature to bring balance to organizations, teams, and individuals. In partnership with our clients, we are putting an end to business as usual by engaging with work and life as meaningful endeavors that positively impact the world.



Let’s recreate the way we live and work together…

What Does It Look Like?

A world in which individuals and organizations experience greater wellbeing and fulfillment through the unhindered flow of freedom, expression, and resources.

How Do We Get There?

By transforming companies, teams, and individuals through the harmonious application of modern business practices, ancient wisdom frameworks, and a deep understanding of the natural world.