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Living in the Present Moment

Life in the PRESENT a.k.a Life in the MIDDLE a.k.a Life in the VORTEX. Not living in the future and not living in the past.

The truth is that life in the present moment is like being on a bucking horse (as one of my teachers explained to me). You witness versions of yourself want to react. You witness the impact of neurons that have fired together for so long want to do just that - fire away. But you’re just watching now. You feel all the overwhelming feelings and yet you feel all the detachment of a spectator.

You become present to all the time you’ve spent in your past reacting and suffering and at the same time joyful that you can now hold those parts of yourself in the most caring way possible - in full acceptance and with self-love.

As Pema Chodron puts it in her book, When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times, “Impermanence becomes vivid in the present moment; so do compassion and wonder and courage. And so does fear. In fact, anyone who stands on the edge of the unknown, fully in the present without reference point, experiences groundlessness. That’s when our understanding goes deeper, when we find that the present moment is a pretty vulnerable place and that this can be completely unnerving and completely tender at the same time.”

Pro Tip: Acknowledge that the practice of living in the present isn’t about making things still. It’s about seeing all the chaos and remaining true to LOVE for ourselves and each other.

Erica Medina Stanulis