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Follow the Sun and Find Your Flow


I’ve spent the last twenty years working in corporate environments that left me depleted, fried, and ready to run away to an island.  And yes, I actually did that.

The cycle was always the same: hyper-focus on growth, competition, rapid results and then an immediate halt because there was a change in course. The crazy wheel of chaos left me uninspired. 

Isn’t there a better way to do business? 

Why does signing up for a steady salary mean having to give up so much of your talents in order to be a team player? Studies show that only 15% of us are engaged in the workplace worldwide.  

Why are so many of us left venting to our friends over several cocktails about how we would solve the problem? Why aren’t those conversations happening at work with our managers and our teams?

Coffee and alcohol seem to be the necessities to show up charged for another day and then get a decent night's rest to sign up to do it all again.

Follow the Sun was created to reconnect individuals and organizations with Nature to optimize their productivity and positive impact while being healthy and motivated in the process.

It’s a chance to create greater awareness of what isn’t working and most importantly make the adjustments we need to let Nature restore that balance. 

Follow the Sun is a way of life. Our biology functions best with diurnal rhythms and no amount of coffee, energy drinks, or burning of the midnight oil changes that fact.  We work best when we rise with the sun, eat our largest meal when the sun is at it’s highest point, and are asleep a few hours after sunset.  

As we look further into Nature we obtain information on how to best lead teams, optimize processes, communicate, and find one’s true compass.  The mission behind Follow the Sun is to teach individuals and organizations the best ways to reconnect with Nature to live a fuller life.


We integrate transformational leadership, Biomimicry, LEAN, and Ayurveda, bringing these proven wisdoms to clients seeking to go from rigid, stuck, and stale to flexible, cyclical, and Nature-based.

We offer tailored short-term and long-term programs for both companies and individuals that use processes, systems, and cycles in Nature as the foundation, guiding our clients to achieving their highest impact—creating better teams and leaders for this world.

Partnerships result in healthier ways to work together and problem solve.

If you are interested in starting 2018 with some key knowledge on how to sync up your biology with Nature’s rhythms to keep your weight, mood, and body in balance then join me at one of the upcoming Resolution Revolution workshops scheduled the first week in January.  East coast and west coast workshops are available! 

You'll walk into 2018 knowing how to ebb and flow with Nature's rhythms as you Follow the Sun and Find Your Flow.