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Dramatically reduce costs, improve processes, and get employees engaged and excited about work that has a purpose.






“Business as usual” is rampant in corporate America. The consequences show up as:

  • Burnout & stress-related illness

  • Low team engagement

  • Poor communication

  • Recurring operational issues

  • Customer dissatisfaction

  • Loss of market share

This is not a sustainable answer for companies that want to thrive and fulfill their purpose.


Visionaries and innovators agree

Creating more effective ways of working requires a fresh perspective.

Your organization is an organism. To function well, it must become healthy and balanced at every level. Yes, even if that means blending hard-nosed methodologies like Six Sigma with wisdom traditions like Ayurveda! At Follow the Sun, we simply use tools that work to solve complex problems.



Worldwide, only 15% of employees are engaged at work. But companies with high engagement are 78% more profitable and 40% more productive. What if you could find the switch that activates engagement across your organization?

This change is within reach. Transformation begins by making work meaningful, creating a one-team spirit, and aligning daily activities with natural biorhythms. People WANT to engage and enjoy doing work that has an impact. With a shared framework for problem-solving, teams become profoundly efficient at removing bottlenecks and improving processes.


What can results look like for your organization? At MINIMUM, you can count on a 30% reduction in nonproductive activities. Here are more examples of outcomes from past projects:

·       4X productivity increase per employee

·       71% reduction in lead time for supply chain planning

·       5X reduction in major deviations for new product introduction

·       65% faster response for IT critical events

Savings for a Fortune 500 client can be over a million dollars as the result of a ONE DAY workshop.


Highly effective organizations make the world a better place—on purpose. In the business world, this starts with social and environmental responsibility programs that help employees, consumers, and suppliers create a sustainable ecosystem. By partnering with local nonprofits, you can also exponentially increase your impact with cause-based initiatives and marketing.

Survival of the fittest is an outdated way of thinking. Survival of the most cooperative and connected is our modern reality. Let’s leverage win-win strategies in exciting ways!


What People Are Saying…

Erica brought her passion for operational excellence and social causes to our organization. Her experience, discipline, and focus resulted in measurable results across the board. Erica offers a unique opportunity and experience that I am sure will delight her clients as they journey through discovery of what makes them FLOW.
— Sam Samadi, Corporate VP of Global Quality and Business Operations

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