For individuals Follow the Sun offers an integrated experience in how looking to Nature inspires a purposeful future. 


Individual Programs 

For individuals Follow the Sun offers an integrative experience in how looking to Nature inspires a purposeful future. Whether you want to learn how to reconnect with cycles of the sun to practice the best life force energy (prana) management or reconnect with your true compass, Follow the Sun offers sessions designed to bring individuals to their highest potential. 

I love the digital nomad trend. It feels like I’ve finally found my community. Back when I was starting my career and decided it was time to move on from a job I would resign and purposely not have another job lined up. This gave me time to travel and explore as I searched for a new job. I like to think of this practice as ‘Retirement in Moderation’. I’ve done this for every career move that I’ve ever made. It’s never held me back, and I’ve never regretted it. It’s allowed me to live a simple, flexible, and fulfilling life.
— erica
 In my work with individuals, we focus on the cycles of the sun and the activities we do to reconnect with Nature.  

find Flow

Designed for the individual wanting to sample a Follow the Sun package at an entry level price.  Choose between an Ayurvedic consultation or a career coaching session. 

First, we discern what has been in place in the past that doesn’t allow flow. Then we reconnect to Nature-based wisdoms to ensure a sustainable future. 

Together, we’ll design a unique and tailored approach where you’ll learn how to use Nature as your ultimate guide in your decision making around career, health, and enjoyment.

Package Includes:

  • One, 70-minute session conducted via video call. 

  • One support check-in (to be conducted within four weeks after session).


 This pic is of me running out of gas and being ok with the risks that came along with traveling to Bali by myself without a clear plan when I returned home.

Soul purpose

For individuals that are looking to reconnect with their true compass in a one-on-one setting. 

This program is designed for those seeking meaningful direction in career + purpose. We flow through three sessions catered to self exploration, values, and designing your legacy. 

Sessions include information intended to reconnect you with Nature so you remember your own vibration enabling you to ebb and flow in uncharted territory as you make bold steps towards your Soul Purpose.

Package Includes:

  • Three, 70-minute sessions conducted via video call (to be conducted within six weeks of each other).

  • Support check-ins between sessions.


Includes deliverables from GROUND + PROPEL with a dash of NOURISH.

 When you are your natural self it’s truly about connecting with humanity and Nature. Nature doesn’t foster competition; it fosters mutualism.

natural self

You make your fullest contribution to life when you are healthy.  Health comes through reconnecting with Nature and Nature in return allows you to find your inner wisdom.

This program is for individuals looking for positive and sustainable changes in both health + lifestyle and career + purpose.  The Natural Self package delivers an integrative experience linking both health and purposeful direction. 

Working with, instead of against, natural cycles we learn to apply these principles to achieve greater health—so you have energy and time to design and fulfill your legacy.  

Package Includes:

  • Four, 70-minute sessions conducted via video call (to be conducted within eight weeks of each other).

  • Support check-ins between sessions.


Includes deliverables from NOURISH + GROUND + PROPEL .




Learn to manage stress, burn out, and fatigue based on your biology. 

Understand when to push through and when to let go. 

Learn the best ways to detox for your biology and avoid detox trends that aren't for you.

Leave with a solid action plan to maintain health for home and work life.


Balance emotions like fear, anger, and stubbornness with diet and lifestyle choices. 

Make better decisions for your future.

Learn the best times of the day for work, study, exercise, and sleep.

Discover your true passion, values, and personal vision and what's been keeping you from them.


Make career choices that are best for your biology and avoid wasting your time and creativity.

Define your purpose and maintain confidence during career shifts. 

Design your legacy and live without FOMO.

Leave with a revised resume or business plan with concrete actions to propel you on your desired path.



Do I need to be an outdoor enthusiast to sign up for Follow the Sun coaching?

The only requirement is being an advocate for Nature! If you can follow sunrises and sunsets and take time for reflection either in the outdoors or looking from a window towards the outdoors then this program is for you.

How much time do I need to dedicate?

Each session is approximately 70 minutes. You will have homework between sessions. This homework can take up to two hours to complete. I highly recommend taking additional time for reflection (i.e. walks, meditation, journaling) as well. 

Do you offer free consultations?

When you register for a package you will receive a complimentary 15 minute session to answer any questions that you may have about your purchase.  

I’m suffering from depression. Will this help me?

Unfortunately, I am not a trained psychologist or medical doctor, so I cannot take a client that has a clinical diagnosis such as depression, bipolar disorder or an eating disorder.

How do I sign up?

Simply click the REGISTER button and we will get back to you shortly to complete the registration and payment process.