Align your daily activities with natural biorhythms and experience the FLOW that will take you on the adventure of a lifetime.


Expand What's Possible in Your Life 

In an age of constant transformation, surviving means embracing change. Living an empowered life means choosing to change in ways that support wholeness—building a purposeful future from a grounded present.

Many life coaching methods focus only on mindset, fitness, or career goals. Follow the Sun honors the natural biorhythms of the body, integrating all aspects of the self to approach life in a healthy, meaningful fashion.

Outdated ways of doing things are falling away on a global scale and on a personal level. It’s time to launch a new adventure. What can your future look like?

Note from Erica:

I love the digital nomad trend. It feels like I’ve finally found my community. Back when I was starting my career and decided it was time to move on from a job I would resign and purposely not have another job lined up. This gave me time to travel and explore as I searched for a new job. I like to think of this practice as ‘Retirement in Moderation’. I’ve done this for every career move that I’ve ever made. It’s never held me back, and I’ve never regretted it. It’s allowed me to live a simple, flexible, and fulfilling life.
— Erica Medina Stanulis, Founder, Follow the Sun
In my work with individuals, we focus on the cycles of the sun and the activities we do to reconnect with Nature.


Living on purpose starts with defining what you truly want to experience, whether in your career, relationships, travels, or other passions. Designing your life also means eliminating time-wasting activities and distractions. With this foundation in place, the world opens up with opportunities that once appeared to be out of reach.

This pic is of me running out of gas and being ok with the risks that came along with traveling to Bali by myself without a clear plan when I returned home.


Life force energy, inner light, Prana. We are meant to burn brightly. Instead, many of us burn out because we don’t manage our energy appropriately. Something as simple as scheduling the activities in your day at the right time can have a profound impact. Attuning to the practices of Ayurveda and following the cycles of the sun allows you to ride the waves of energy as they ebb and flow.  

When you are your natural self it’s truly about connecting with humanity and Nature. Nature doesn’t foster competition; it fosters mutualism.


Mortality is a gift, giving urgency to our dreams and making each opportunity precious. Now is the time to uncover your purpose to create a lasting impact on your community and the world. Define what you truly desire and create a roadmap for how to get there—with practical advice and perspective from an experienced guide.




Learn to manage stress, burn out, and fatigue based on your biology. 

Understand when to push through and when to let go. 

Learn the best ways to detox for your biology and avoid detox trends that aren't for you.

Leave with a solid action plan to maintain health for home and work life.


Balance emotions like fear, anger, and stubbornness with diet and lifestyle choices. 

Make better decisions for your future.

Learn the best times of the day for work, study, exercise, and sleep.

Discover your true passion, values, and personal vision and what's been keeping you from them.


Make career choices that are best for your biology and avoid wasting your time and creativity.

Define your purpose and maintain confidence during career shifts. 

Design your legacy and live without FOMO.

Leave with a revised resume or business plan with concrete actions to propel you on your desired path.



Do I need to be an outdoor enthusiast to sign up for Follow the Sun coaching?

The only requirement is being an advocate for Nature! If you can follow sunrises and sunsets and take time for reflection either in the outdoors or looking from a window towards the outdoors then this program is for you.

How much time do I need to dedicate?

Each session is approximately 70 minutes. You will have homework between sessions. This homework can take up to two hours to complete. I highly recommend taking additional time for reflection (i.e. walks, meditation, journaling) as well. 

Do you offer free consultations?

When you register for a package you will receive a complimentary 15 minute session to answer any questions that you may have about your purchase.  

I’m suffering from depression. Will this help me?

Unfortunately, I am not a trained psychologist or medical doctor, so I cannot take a client that has a clinical diagnosis such as depression, bipolar disorder or an eating disorder.

How do I sign up?

Simply email to begin the registration and payment process.

What are the coaching packages like?

I work with clients one-on-one via video calls and with check-in support and assignments for clients to complete between sessions. Clients purchase a set number of sessions based on the outcomes they want to accomplish (Nourish, Ground, Propel). Packages range from $225-2000.


Contact Follow the Sun to explore the transformation that’s possible in your life.