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Raise more funds, make each dollar go farther, and help your team work together better—all in a one-day workshop!


Doing Good Shouldn't Be So Hard

Nonprofits have a long history of relying on heroic efforts to keep things running and fulfill their mission. It’s worth it to see the impact on the community, the environment, or the world. But it also means the risk of burnout for staff and volunteers is high. And if a significant funding source dries up, the organization may falter.

Forcing things to work requires too much effort. Follow the Sun’s holistic approach harnesses the best practices of the business world, ancient wisdom traditions, and the patterns of nature to remove obstacles and invite exponential growth.  

Immersed in seasonal farming techniques at  OEAC  and immersed with what we are eating later that day—that’s true Ayurveda


Nonprofit leaders know that everything is connected. Why not look at how ecosystems work and use those ideas to solve problems?

Engage donors, sponsors, volunteers, and whole communities in ways that diversify revenue streams and stop the endless cycle of fundraising panic. Nonprofits working with Follow the Sun:

·       Experience a MINIMUM 35% increase in funding.

·       Diversify revenue streams to reduce risk for the organization.

·       Form strategic partnerships to bring in new types of resources.

Nature focuses on self organization, mentoring and pod behavior—not one person leading. Also, I love guanacos.


Teamwork is the foundation of every successful nonprofit. Each member needs to know how to take autonomous action and collaborate for effective problem-solving. When every part of the system is working well, leaders are free to serve in ways that advance the organization’s vision at the highest level.

Follow the Sun’s workshops for nonprofits:

·       Increase team engagement metrics by at least 20%.

·       Bring joy back into the organization.

·       Promote the vibrant wellbeing of every person involved.


Let's recycle those conference room tables and chairs and head outdoors to learn what Nature has to say about integrated teams.


Every nonprofit goes through cycles and seasons of change. But with the right approach, this transformation can occur with greater ease, providing fresh opportunities rather than persistent challenges.

Removing friction and obstacles naturally leads to a state of flow, making it easier to accomplish even the most ambitious goals. When there is nothing holding your organization back, imagine the immediate impact—and the lasting legacy!

Follow the Sun’s unique direction allowed our organization to see all the natural resources currently in our ecosystem which made fundraising seem much less about stretching but more about bringing our community together.
— Kelly Knoche, Executive Director, The Teaching Well

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