Organization Packages

For organizations Follow the Sun aims to create a holistic work experience for employees by redefining their relationship to change.  


Organization Programs

For corporate and non-profit organizations Follow the Sun aims to create a holistic work experience for employees by redefining their relationship to change.  We guide clients towards flexible structures where the client learns how to optimally respond to change.  We prevent organizational burn out through human energy management and understanding how reconnecting to Nature’s cycles is important in the work environment.  We design social impact strategies that allow the client to exist in a thriving ecosystem. We quantify holistic benefits that makes sense for the bottom line.

 Organizations today come with structure. What can we do to allow for Flow—in our planning, in our processes, and in our vision to better respond (not react) to change?

Strategy + Flow

Develop key strategic initiatives that get your organization to the next level.  Create flexible teams and processes through engaging cross functional workshops utilizing examples from Nature.  Learn what blocks creative flow within your organization and focus on creating a culture that is better apt to respond to changes in the business environment.   


  • Reduce 30% (minimum) of non value added activity from manufacturing or business processes.

  • Develop and implement key strategic initiatives to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

  • Increase employee morale and transform cultures using effective team engagement strategies.

 The mezcal production in Minas uses techniques passed down for generations, making it a sustainable process both in raw material sourcing and environmental impact.

Social Impact

Catered towards clients either making their first step in creating a social impact strategy or those with a well-established program seeking their next step.  Focus will be on guiding clients towards an advanced model of social impact where employees, consumers, and suppliers create a sustainable ecosystem. 


  • Promote positive social and environmental practices across the company.

  • Engage employees, executives, and consumers with cause based initiatives and marketing.

  • Reduce excess inventory and non value added activity to create as sustainable value chain.



 The best way to increase team vibrations is getting outside in Nature. An even better way is with an oyster harvest complete with a Sea-to-Table dinner.

Team Vibrations 

Using cues from Nature we look at the cycles of the sun, seasons, and times of day to optimize our workflow. As a result we shift our workday to what is best for human biology allowing organizations the chance to increase employee engagement and productivity while optimizing communication channels. 


  • Learn how to shift your workday to what is best for human biology.

  • Learn how organizations can optimize the rhythm of their business to what is best for human biology. 

  • Leave with a personalized action plan for home and work.


Learn more about Follow the Sun workshops for organizations in a six minute pitch.