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Follow the Sun offers a range of workshop themes for small and large groups and breakout sessions. 


Workshops + Breakout Sessions

Follow the Sun offers workshops guiding attendees through a journey of self-exploration. During these experiential programs, participants are introduced to foundational elements of Ayurveda, the 5000-year-old Science of Life, and Biomimicry, the mimicking of selected examples from Nature that are flexible and apt to handle large-scale changes—all to better sustain and reconnect to their passion and purpose.


 Immersed in seasonal farming techniques at  OEAC  and immersed with what we are eating later that day—that’s true Ayurveda

Ayurveda 101

Participants are given basic tools, definitions, guidelines, and recipes to facilitate their own healing and optimal health. Everyone is empowered with skills to be able to gauge and understand seasonal needs and how to nurture their emotional and physical well-being through seasons of change. When we understand that we are part of Nature and apply its wisdom to be healthier, we have more energy to move, be in community, and to eat fresh and seasonal.


 Nature focuses on self organization, mentoring and pod behavior—not one person leading. Also, I love guanacos. 

Natural Leadership

Sometimes we have no choice but to move into unchartered territory. Participants become confident in their ability to define their soulful purpose in this world and within themselves. They gain an understanding and awareness of their own service leadership knowing what their path is and open to trusting it to unfold. Participants leave with practical tools to move forward to make authentic decisions and to reconnect with nature as a source of inspiration. 

 Let's recycle those conference room tables and chairs and head outdoors to learn what Nature has to say about integrated teams.

integrated teams

Guiding principles are used to engage teams to design the best future operational and social impact strategies, resulting in flexible processes, positive social and environmental impact, a one-team spirit, and a common language for continued improvements. We learn how to work together and with each other as a unified organism. With Nature-inspired resources we learn to optimize connection and reciprocity.


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